ncl-aboutMy love for handicraft started when I was little and spent many happy summer holidays, with my grandmother in Husum, (Northern Germany). She had a passion for crochet & knitting. She would spend many hours making beautiful bed spreads, jumpers and cardigans, for us.

When I came over to the UK, I got hooked on sewing and after spending several evenings, at sewing classes, I picked up the basics.

My husband’s grandmother grew up in London and was a seamstress to the Royal Household and her house was always full of dresses and suits at various stages. She taught me how to plan and design clothes – so eventually, I could design and make up all my own bridesmaids dresses.

Over the years I have explored many materials to create unique gifts and accessories for friends and clients and these collections are a showcase for some of my favourites.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them.

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